The Matrix and Rene Descartes — By Jimmie Stewart

Our dream state is like our awake state
We control them both albeit mostly by default
We can learn to control both Consciously
Mind Journeys are created by us through our Beliefs/Thoughts
We only need to learn to pick & choose them well
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The Matrix and Rene Descartes
By Jimmie Stewart

After viewing “The Matrix” I could see its parallels to Meditations by Rene Descartes. Both pieces draw the question of whether or not you can be sure that what you know is reality. Descartes whole thesis builds around his famous Cartesian method of doubt. His Cartesian method of doubt is being skeptical about the truth of any belief, and not taking any reality for granted.

In Descartes’ Meditation One he questions what things must be brought into doubt. He begins by questioning the separation between wakefulness and dreams. Descartes argues that his experiences while dreaming and when he is awake are the same. Dreams prove to have all the same basic elements that exist when we are awake. Those similar elements prove for it to be impossible to tell wakefulness and dreaming apart. While Descartes might feel he is awake because of all the things he is doing and seeing but he often dreams of the same ordinary actions.

In the first scene of The Matrix Neo has a white mechanical insect that buries its way inside of Neo’s belly button. Neo awoke in a sweat to a message on his computer telling him to “wake up” and that “The Matrix has you.” Neo later had to have the same white mechanical creature sucked out of his body by a gun like tool. This proves what his computer told him was true and what actually happened in Neo’s dream was reality. The white creature was really a computer chip that served as tracking system for the Matrix.

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