Human Consciousness Shift in Healing — By Pam G Purcell

Working in the field of alternative/complementary/integrative medicine is very exciting right now. A huge shift in consciousness is happening for the human species and being part of this movement is very exciting.

It is exciting because I am observing my clients tapping into their own energetic fields and finding answers to their own issues and problems. This is huge. I am observing fears melt away with hope and empowerment. They are seeing and feeling the changes and keeping empowered because of it. They are becoming aware of their physical body responses to certain stimuli. It’s like they are tapping into a place of knowing deep within. Some call this the Soul, higher self or intuition. For me, it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you get it and start listening, seeing or feeling the wisdom in the message and trusting it.

A very good friend of mine, once told me: “Do what you know to do in the moment you know to do it”. This is an example of that inner trust and knowing. I’ve put this into action in my life and amazing things have happened. Car accidents were avoided, long lost friends have brought me answers to a question, e-mails have arrived from unknown sources to assist me in a variety of ways. It’s great. This has become my new way of trusting. Trusting when an insight finds me, taking action and more often than not, a positive outcome appears

Every disease and illness starts in the energetic field (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions/non-actions) long before it becomes a physical problem in the body. If you become aware of these energetic links prior to the physical ailment, you will save yourself a lot of grief. You might not have learnt the lesson you were meant to learn, but the lesson will not be as severe or as aggressive. Start trusting in yourself – your insights – thoughts, feelings, beliefs. Some of you know this, have experienced it already and now trust in this process. Example: For some reason, you take a different route to work and hear later there was a huge car crash on your usual route. Or perhaps you are having trouble digesting your food and decide to stop eating something to “see what happens” and your issues disappear. All good stuff right? You can apply these same principles to healing on a grand scale.

Perhaps it is your thoughts, feelings and belief systems that are keeping you sick. You can change your energetic connections to things, people and events just as you can change the energy in a room by opening a window. Example: Every time you look in the mirror, you give yourself a disgusting look and say “You are fat and ugly”. With that statement, you will remain fat and ugly. But, if you can look at yourself and give yourself some love and support, you have just given yourself hope, faith and trust to achieve something different. I don’t believe there is a fat and ugly person on this planet – I believe we are all here for a reason and it is up to us to figure it out, learn life lessons and apply this learning to how we function in the World. This is the shift I am seeing in my clients. The shift from “poor me” to “responsible me”. Becoming aware that your human experience is up to you to create and enjoy.

How to you begin to shift your own consciousness? Start by quieting your thoughts for a few minutes each day. Take 5-15 minutes each day to focus on your breathe and clear your brain chatter (thoughts). This will help you tap into your greatest power (your inner strength). Listen to the silence and identify if there are any insights, actions or non-actions you need to pay attention to. The messages can be cryptic or clear. You are looking for the things that are helpful to you not harmful to yourself or others. Example: Your insight might say, you need some fresh air by the ocean. Easy to do if you live by the ocean, harder if you don’t, but perhaps a walk down by the river will do or perhaps you need to take action in planning your annual Ocean retreat… What ever the insight, don’t be surprised if a friend or family member brings up the retreat idea or a walk by the river before you have even had a chance to act on your own insight. Before you know it, you get a great deal on your usual trip and are squishing white sand between your toes, or watching the fish jump in the river. Be aware that inaction is also an action. By resisting the suggestion by a friend or family member to go for that walk by the ringer you could be missing out on a piece of the human puzzle piece. Perhaps you just missed out on running into an old friend who is recruiting someone like yourself for her company, which is your dream job. Or perhaps you find the eating your grandmother gave you that you lost a month earlier. The options are endless. But it is up to you to take the action from your insights.

Go on, Give it a try. Take 5 minutes to tap into your inner wisdom. Every day (or night) for the next few weeks, take some time, close your eyes and just breathe. Set an intention (see setting intention article) if you want and see what comes up. Have fun discovering shifting your own energy field and human consciousness.

Dr. Pam Purcell ND has been working with groups and individuals in the areas of health, fitness and natural medicine for over 25 years. Her mission statement remains “Live naturally, heal naturally”. To do so, one must look at all areas of health – mental emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental. is a growing resource of educational information for healing, preventing illness and achieving quality optimal health. Healing starts from the inside, and is supported by what we do, think, feel and believe on the outside. No one else can do your healing for you. Educate yourself, inspire yourself and motivate yourself to find the right people to support your unique healing journey. You will find many resources and tools that are Dr. Pam approved – find them use them and get healthy today!

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